21 March 2014 Sarah Argue

Mmmn... more TastyTrade!

With a 460% increase in members, 15x the daily trade value and 10x the value of equipment tracked, Frank revisits the entertaining trading experts at the new TastyTrade studio in the West Loop to discuss the continued growth of MarkITx over the past year.

In keeping with industry trends, data has been a crucial factor in much of our growth, both in terms of feeding our fair-pricing algorithm and working toward the holy grail of unlocking liquidity. Our secret is providing customers with real-time data and giving them a risk-free, neutral exchange where they can safely buy and sell the used data center and server room gear they had otherwise already depreciated down to zero.

Bringing transparency to a muddy market and facilitating execution in a much more normalized fashion for the IT industry, has made MarkITx the most trusted IT clearinghouse for businesses across the globe. Learn more about us by watching this video.

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