22 April 2014 Sarah Argue

Futureproof Your Data Center

This is a great summary of some key trends affecting data center operators. A few things stood out to us. Specifically, the investment in server and storage virtualization (what will these companies do with all the physical servers and storage systems they no longer need?)

In fact, many of these trends support the growing commoditization of IT hardware. The move toward more energy-efficient hardware will surely flood the secondary market with name-brand equipment that, once certified through MarkITx, might be perfect for specific projects or for companies looking to manage costs.

Investing in new technology doesn’t have to break the bank or result in a war between IT and Finance departments. Selling your gear on MarkITx can help you recoup budget for future data center projects. It costs nothing to see what your gear is worth - simply email The future is now so what are you waiting for?

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