14 May 2014 Maria Tzeka

Node.js is going to take over the world (and other lessons learned at EmpireJS 2014)

I’m a big fan of New York City and a big fan of developer conferences, so when I bumped into EmpireJS 2014, I thought, why not? EmpireJS 2012 looked great, and when I asked around I heard nothing but great things.

Jenn Schiffer started things off proper at 9am Monday morning on the topic of Sorting Algorithms, right after we finished enjoying the wonderful breakfast which included bacon hand-cooked by developers*. Not only did I learn there is a pocket of YouTube dedicated to the visualization of sort algorithms, but it was a pleasant reminder of the basic must-know Computer Science principles that can be applied behind any programming language.

I write node code daily here at MarkITx for our back-end, but who would of thought you could use it to run a robot? Or to generate animations in Photoshop? It was a blast witnessing Rick Waldon's robots working out and flexing their muscles, and watch Vince Allen’s creative process with Pixel Art and Javascript. It was also inspiring to listen through jQuery’s creator John Resig’s process of building and all the other mini projects that came out of it. Not to mention Ben Newman's talk on the future of ECMAScript was super insightful.

All 24 talks were equally fantastic and was very sad when Tuesday hit 6pm and they were all over. The EmpireJS team has also been kind enough to make all talks available online for everyone to view at their leisure (you must watch all of them).

If there are any conclusions I’ve reached they are: 1) Node.js is going to take over the world, 2) write code outside of work everyday, 3) attend EmpireJS 2015.

*true statement

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