20 March 2015 Frank Muscarello

Chicago Vote

I Vote for Chicago Tech, Often

by Frank

As a Chicago-based serial entrepreneur, I have a unique perspective on how the city supports its businesses. Whether it’s attracting engineering talent, encouraging innovation or celebrating our wins, I’ve seen it all.

Over the past three years, one thing is clear: The environment in which MarkITx operates today - bolstered by the policies coming out of the mayor’s office as well as the momentum of the tech startup community - has been conducive to our company’s growth.

Much has been written about Chicago’s tech community over the past few years. The number of technology jobs has increased by more than one-third to an estimated 40,000 since 2011. The city’s technology plan and vision includes a commitment to modern infrastructure, smart communities, and technological innovation - all of which are foundational for growth.

From our early days inside 1871 to pitching at Google Demo Day to 4,000 members on 5 continents, MarkITx would not be where we are today if not for the supportive climate fostered by the city’s policies and those who recognize the importance of a strong tech community. We are the first to recognize that innovation and growth of any kind doesn’t happen in a vacuum (we’ve got the battle wounds to prove it). We appreciate the fact that sometimes you have to be disruptive to affect change.

Whether you’re a member of Chicago’s tech community, an advocate for economic growth, or just a Chicagoan proud to live in this city, it’s hard to deny the fact that investing in technology is a positive thing for all of us.

There is a runoff election scheduled for April 7th and I encourage everyone to take part in their democracy. Get out and vote! If you have voter-related questions or you’re not sure where to find your polling place, check out these FAQs.