20 March 2015 Frank Muscarello

Chicago Vote

11 March 2015 Ben Blair

Open Compute 6 Pack

28 January 2015 Dylan Lingelbach

Streaming Dynamo Backups

23 January 2015 Shawn Kelly

New Trade Desk Features

08 July 2014 Maria Tzeka

Google I/O: A playground for knowledge hunters

29 May 2014 Frank Muscarello

Five Ways to View Your IT Assets as an Investor

14 May 2014 Maria Tzeka

Node.js is going to take over the world (and other lessons learned at EmpireJS 2014)

05 May 2014 Sarah Argue

Cinco de Banana: Let the Competition Begin

30 April 2014 Maria Tzeka

Summer of JavaScript with Girl Develop It and Me

22 April 2014 Sarah Argue

Futureproof Your Data Center

03 April 2014 Frank Muscarello

That Feeling When You Return from Google Demo Day with $100k from Steve Case

26 March 2014 Sarah Argue

Things Look A Little Spiffier Around Here

21 March 2014 Sarah Argue

Mmmn... more TastyTrade!

26 February 2014 Maria Tzeka

The Art Of Recycling Electronics

25 February 2014 Sarah Argue

Frank’s Bloomberg TV Debut: Taking Stock with Pimm Fox

20 February 2014 Dylan Lingelbach

How We Use GitHub’s Hubot and Chat to Drive AWS Deployments at MarkITx - Part 1 of n

06 February 2014 Sarah Argue

As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado...

16 January 2014 Brian Crouch

Why Markitx Is Better Than Tatooine

15 January 2014 Shawn Kelly

Feature Update: Now Serving More Orderly Orders

19 December 2013 Sarah Argue

New MarkITx Feature: Instant Valuation parses attachments, shocks monkeys

11 December 2013 Bryan Harakh

MarkITx LunchMetrics™: Data Science Doesn't Break for Lunch

10 December 2013 Frank Muscarello

Flubbing my Four Minutes of Fame at the Bloomberg Business Summit

21 November 2013 Frank Muscarello

Welcome Jones Lang LaSalle

14 October 2013 Sarah Argue

Care for Real Coat Drive

20 September 2013 Sarah Argue

Growing, growing, gone!

13 September 2013 Sarah Argue

MarkITx is Named One of the Top 100 Finalists for the 12th Annual Chicago Innovation Awards

22 August 2013 Sarah Argue

Increased Market Activity Around Cisco WS-C3750X-48PF-S

23 July 2013 Sarah Argue

Meet MarkITx, the 'New York Stock Exchange of IT'

16 July 2013 Sarah Argue

MarkITx Raises $2.15 Million in Second Round of Seed Funding

03 June 2013 Sarah Argue

Our 1871 Journey Begins and Ends

03 April 2013 Sarah Argue

Cisco v. Juniper: Who Wins the Battle of Residual Value for Your IT Dollars?

26 February 2013 Sarah Argue

A New Way to Buy & Sell Used IT Equipment

17 January 2013 Sarah Argue

Really, Cisco? Boxes Are Dead?

07 November 2012 Sarah Argue

MarkITx Raises $1.06 Million to Begin Disrupting a $348 Billion Industry

21 September 2012 Sarah Argue

iPhone 5 Announcement, Before and After Effects

11 September 2012 Sarah Argue

Apple iPad Sales by Quarter

15 August 2012 Sarah Argue

Thoughts on the Rumored iPad Mini

13 August 2012 Sarah Argue

iPads in the Classroom and Their Continued Growth

09 August 2012 Sarah Argue

1871 Membership Has Its Privileges

02 August 2012 Sarah Argue

MarkITx: Who We Are and What We Do

11 July 2012 Sarah Argue

Rahm Emanuel Visits 1871